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Benefits of Baby Massage

Kootenay Infant Massage

Massage your baby for
physical & emotional

Baby massage is the most powerful and natural way to increase your connection. Through touch, you will help your baby develop cognitively and neurologically. Learn the massage basics to ease colic, teething, digestion/gas issues and to calm your baby. Massage helps with circulation, immunity, growth, and so much more. 

GLOWBaby Massage Classes

"Touch comes before sight, before speech.

It is the first language and the last."

~ Margaret Atwood


Hi, I'm Jennifer, Certified Baby Massage Consultant

As a certified Baby Massage Consultant, I'm here to guide you and help you learn important techniques and tricks to help your baby sleep and ease growing discomforts.  Touch is not only the first sense developed at birth, it is also the strongest sense. Massage from parents is a very powerful form of communication making your connection with your baby even stronger. Nothing beats the powerful bond between baby and parent.

GLOWBaby ~ Supporting & empowering parents to build loving relationships with their babies through touch.

Baby Massage with GLOWBaby

With GLOWBaby, you will learn proper massage techniques, the benefits of massage, how to read your baby's cues, how to help them through discomforts, and gain a strong everlasting bond between you and your baby.


Learn Baby Massage Techniques


Learn the Benefits of Baby Massage


Create a strong connection with baby

Get in Touch!(no pun intended)

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