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Baby Massage FAQ

How much does the course cost?

Group classes are $60 + GST, which includes the cost of weekly handouts and a small bottle of oil. Please see  PACKAGES for other options. Payment can be made in cash or e-transfer to

What should I bring?

A soft towel or baby blanket would be great!


What if I miss a class? 

Not to worry! Life happens. Every week we will review the previous massage strokes and get you caught up.


How do these classes work?

Over the course of 5 weeks, you will learn a full body massage and a short colic routine. I will demonstrate on a doll while at the same time you follow along on your baby. Each week, I show you how to massage a different body part, and we will do a recap on the strokes from the previous week. You will be given detailed handouts and are encouraged to manage your baby daily.


What if class coincides with sleep or feeding time?

Baby massage classes are baby-led so if your baby is sleeping, we let them sleep! There are practice dolls available to learn the massage strokes. If a baby needs feeding, changing, or a cuddle that’s what will happen. Parents are encouraged to respond promptly and tentatively to the cries of their baby, as this helps develop a loving and trusting relationship.


Where is the class held?

Classes are held at 1334 A Cedar Ave. in Trail.  This space is shared with my Jennifer Margaret Photography studio space. If you are dedicated to another photographer, please don't worry... my photographer hat is left at the door, and we will solely be discussing baby massage. (I also support other local photographers!) 


What age does my baby need to be?

Courses are best suited from one month to 12 months. When possible, classes will be grouped based on the ages of the babies. Special preemie group classes can be held separately from full-term babies.


Can more than one parent attend?

Absolutely! Although it's typical that just one parent is able to attend due to work schedules. If both parents attend, one will massage their baby and one parent will practice on a provided doll.


Can siblings attend?

To limit distractions, it is recommended that siblings under the age of 10 stay with a caregiver during massage classes.

How big are the group classes?

Group classes consist of 5 families.


What About Online Courses? 

Group lessons are very beneficial, however, lessons can be done through Zoom if needed. At this point, there are no online courses planned. Please get in touch if interested.

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