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About GLOWBaby Massage Classes


Touch: So simple yet essential

Human touch is essential for a child’s healthy development. A baby’s first sense is touch and long before babies can speak, it's one of the ways that babies communicate with those around them. Communication between parents and baby develops every day and any form of touch - including those first moments of skin-to-skin - helps to strengthen the bond between parents and babies and increases the baby's trust.

Baby Massage is a tradition that has been practiced in many cultures for many years. Research has shown how regular massage can boost a baby’s immune system, reduce stress, relieve colic and encourage sleep. These classes combine movements from both Indian and Swedish massage, reflexology, and yoga to help to stimulate a baby’s growth and development. 

With GLOWBaby, massage lessons will help parents to not just ease discomforts but also help to understand what their baby is trying to tell them. This will allow parents to easily meet the needs of their baby, resulting in the baby feeling safe and secure, therefore parent and baby will become more relaxed.

All lessons are baby-led. This means that if your baby is sleeping, hungry, or needs a cuddle, parents are invited and encouraged to attend to their baby's needs.  With GLOWBaby, parents are the experts, your baby is the boss and I, your instructor, am simply a guide. 

Because parent-baby touch is so important, in class you will be the only one massaging your baby. When both parents attend a massage class, one parent will massage their baby while the other will use one of the provided dolls. (Don't worry...while not nearly as precious as your baby, they're super cute!)


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